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Founder & Promoter

Prageet Sharma

Founder member and promoter

A visionary and an explorer by nature, Prageet created this division to make affordable quality health products accessible to the economically weaker sections of our society who are still struggling for this basic need.

"It's an oft repeated contention that free economy facilitates capitalism. On the flip side, however, its competitive nature opens opportunities to explore ideas and ways to pass benefits to the end users. This visible horizon where capitalism brews with socialism pulls me and drives me to contribute meaningfully in this space.", says Prageet.

A Final year Chem. Engg. drop out from MNIT, Jaipur with 20 years of extensive industrial experience, Prageet learnt the ropes under the Food industrialist Late Mr. A. K. Jain (Founder member of erstwhile

Bio Foods Pvt Ltd) through a stringent quality focused This experience along with his legacy of ancestral background of Ayurveda paved the foundation of Bio Foodzz Pharma Pvt. Ltd.

A team builder and strategist, Prageet leads by motivating the associated people to create more venues to excel in their lives and in turn creating job opportunities for few others too.

"All credit goes to the teachings and blessings of my mother, Late Mrs Aruna Sharma and the unconditional, moral and psychological warmth of childhood friends Sonal Jha and Rupa Jha, who always stay beside me and encourage me", says Prageet. His college days' dream, to own and lead a business house based on ethical values is being well supported and promoted by core group of friends Avinash, Ashish, Bimal, Kapil, Sumit and Rajat.

Pragya Sharma

Founder member and promoter

Holding a Management degree in International Marketing from IIFT Delhi, with 16 years of extensive national as well as international business experience, Ms Pragay plays a key role in strategic planning and decision making process of the company.

A conscientious and self motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination towards life, Ms Pragya is now busy in instrumenting the growth and expansion of company in national and international pharma horizon.

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